The Wake interview for Absit Omen

XII writes the music and I could say that there is a sort of connection as we’ve been friends for 13 years. This record was done during eight years because of many mental situations, but the first two songs were done in 2009 and we kind of followed unconsciously that musical pattern. Lyrics were written in like 10 years as I hunted the Dadaism technique.”

The Wake interview for Radio Rock 89

Today, Blood & Fire Productions mastermind V is invited to the local radio station Radio Rock 89 (Asociația Rock 89 Constanța). The broadcasting starts at 19:00 CEST, when you can listen to V talking about things related to Blood & Fire, the shop, the blog and so on, but also, he will shed some light upon his black metal project called The Wake featuring Night In Gales’ member XII.