The Wake on air in Brazil via Metal Com Batata

Neste sábado, 17 de julho tem mais uma edição do HORA EXTREMA na Rádio Resende Rock com as seguintes atrações:

  1. Edge Of Paradise – Universe
  2. Plant My Bones – Red River
  3. Command The Machyne – Drenched In Pain
  4. American Terror – Attitude
  5. Supreme Court – No Pulse
  6. The Wake – Born In 84, Died In The 84th Year (feat. Lana Moscaliuc)
  7. Eldingar – Serenity’s Anger
  8. Daily Insanity – Chronicles Of War
  9. Phobos Monolith – Storm Breaker
  10. Paragon Zero – Greatest Of All Shadows
  11. Damnation – The Colossal Dread

Link: Metal Com Batata

The Wake interview for Radio Rock 89

Today, Blood & Fire Productions mastermind V is invited to the local radio station Radio Rock 89 (Asociația Rock 89 Constanța). The broadcasting starts at 19:00 CEST, when you can listen to V talking about things related to Blood & Fire, the shop, the blog and so on, but also, he will shed some light upon his black metal project called The Wake featuring Night In Gales’ member XII.